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BioNTech Concepts
BioNTech Concepts
In House GMP Manufacturing
In House GMP Manufacturing
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Tailored Therapy
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Potent Drugs
Serving high medical need
Serving high medical need
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Immunotherapy Development
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Selection of
effective drugs

Welcome to Biopharmaceutical New Technologies AG!

Innovative Medicines – as Unique as You

Founded in 2008, the BioNTech Group has become one of the fastest-growing biotechnology companies in Europe. The development of fundamentally novel, cutting-edge biopharmaceuticals for treatment of many diseases with high medical need drives our success.

We are committed to serving patient needs by making medicine truly personal. Our vision is to offer precisely targeted, highly effective, and well-tolerated therapies – innovative medicines as unique as you!

New Product Launches 2015


BioNTech Diagnostics launches the new IVD MammaTyper® Kit in 2015. MammaTyper® is a molecular in vitro diagnostics test kit delivering a precise and reproducible biomarker analysis which allows subsequent classification of breast cancer tumors. The test allows the quantitative detection of the mRNA expression status of estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), HER2 and Ki-67 derived from FFPE tissue. In a unique way MammaTyper® combines breast cancer diagnostics with additional information about prognosis and prediction for systemic therapy.


RNXtract® RNA Extraction Kit offers a reliable and well-proven method to gain highly purified total RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue.

For further information please contact

BioNTech Diagnostics GmbH
An der Goldgrube 12
D-55131 Mainz, Germany
Tel: +49 6131 9084 2001
Fax: + 49 6131 9084 392001
Email: ed.hc1429642735etnoi1429642735b.sel1429642735as@ec1429642735ivres1429642735

Open and upcoming Clinical Trials

MERIT RNA-based cancer vaccine targeting two tumor-associated antigens (Malignant Melanoma)
IVAC MUTANOME Two RNA-based cancer vaccines targeting two tumor-associated antigens as well as tumor-specific mutations (Malignant Melanoma)
GAPVAC Actively personalized vaccination concept in newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients (Glioblastoma)
TNBC-MERIT RNA-lipoplex cancer vaccines targeting tumor-associated antigens (IVAC®WAREHOUSE) as well as tumor-specific mutations (IVAC® MUTANOME) (Triple negative breast cancer)
Lipo-MERIT RNA-lipoplex cancer vaccine targeting four tumor-associated antigens (Malignant Melanoma)

Meet BioNTech

2015 May 11-13, CIMT Meeting, Mainz, Germany

2015 May 29-June 2, ASCO, Chicago, Illinois, USA

2015 June 15-18, BIO Convention, Philadelphia, USA


Interested in meeting with us?
Please contact our Business Development Department
Email: ed.hc1429642735etnoi1429642735b@gni1429642735rentr1429642735ap1429642735

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